16 septiembre, 2019
Play and Drive EGT5 eKarting Pirelli Championship

Hard working at Play and Drive facilities

We are working hard in these days to be ready for the 1st High Performances Play and Drive Pirelli ekarting Championship on Motorland, next October […]
11 septiembre, 2019
Play and Drive eKarting EGT5 Pirelli Championship

Play and Drive eKarting EGT5 unveiled, high performances on the track!

Last Sunday on MOTORLAND, Play and Drive unveiled its last creation for eKarting Motorsport, the EGT5. This 1st testing day was really important to prepare […]
7 septiembre, 2019
Kart electrico competicion

Play and Drive eKarting, 6 years of constant evolution.

In 2013, we started to develop our 1st electric propulsion system for eKarting to mount it after in the 1st MotoStudent Organisation’s Electric Racing Motorbike. […]
4 septiembre, 2019
Play and Drive Pirelli eKarting Championship

1st Play and Drive Pirelli eKarting Championship

Play and Drive launches the 1st High Performances Pirelli eKarting Championship, October 12th and 13th 2019, MOTORLAND FIA Karting Circuit, SPAIN. Only 8 racing drivers will […]
14 diciembre, 2018
Davide Forè Play and Drive eKarting EGT4

Karting Expo Adria Raceway 2018, Davide Forè y miembros del Driver’s Club de ElectricGT destacan en la pista con el eKarting EGT4 de Play and Drive

En la 1era Edición de la Karting Expo Adria Raceway ITALY, Davide Forè, quíntuple Campeón del Mundo de karting y actual Team Manager del equipo […]
6 diciembre, 2018


Play and Drive estará presente en la primera edición de la feria internacional KARTING EXPÒ que tendrá lugar en el circuito ADRIA KARTING RACEWAY en […]