eKarting is the new base for young racing drivers who want to prepare their professional career on Motorsport, future is electric and we are convinced of that. Play and Drive is a pioneer in this field since 2014 with several prototypes developed on CIK-FIA chassis-frames to profit the safety and the excellent performances of them.

We have reached something really special for Motorsport joining the best performances for eKarting racing and renewable energy. “Play and Drive Pirelli eKarting Championship” is only the beginning of the path taken by Play and Drive to keep revolutionizing Motorsport since many years ago and we are already working on the next category to make the first economically accessible electric single-seat car for permanent raceways with high performances.

eKarting Models Technical Data Evolution

Play and Drive
Pirelli eKarting Championship Motorland

Play and Drive 2019

eKarting EGT5

Play and Drive 2019

eKarting EGT4

Play and Drive 2018

eKarting EGT3

Play and Drive 2017

eKarting EGT2

Play and Drive 2016

eKarting EGT1

Play and Drive 2014
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