W Golf MK2 E-13


A circuit Golf GTI MK2 transformed into a race car 100% electric? In 2011, our first challenge was to demonstrate that an electric car could be a real racing car and could have sufficient autonomy to run an entire race, in the same conditions as combustion cars.

We got that first challenge and encouraged us to carry on, to improve what was within our reach. We mainly increase the power by increasing the number of batteries in the model of 2013. In that way the nominal voltage of 244,2V passed to 355,2V and the autonomy of 22,9KW.h step to 35,4KW.h. Furthermore, to increase the acceleration, we have three engines instead of two.

But that was not all, the 3rd engine was placed next to a mechanical limited slip on the rear axle which turned our Golf MK2 into a 4-wheel drive with an excellent capacity of acceleration and grip. At that time, the developed propulsion system worked perfectly, only the weight of the assembly and the chassis hindered us to go further with this prototype.

Golf MK2 electricoGolf MK2 electrico
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