Motostudent Electric


Do you know Motostudent? It is a motorcycle racing worldwide organized by the Moto Engineering Foundation (MEF), a foundation located in the Technology Park Motorland in Alcañiz (Spain). This is a unique competition where universities all around the world can participate with teams composed of a minimum of 8 students from various engineering specialties.

The students start from scratch. They have to develop and manufacture a racing bike with the only help of a kit provided by the organization and composed by a combustion engine, two rims, callipers and brake pads, fork, rear shock absorber and some other little components. This competition is celebrated biennially since 2008 and has not stopped growing in each of their events reaching a number of 31 teams (over 250 students) in 2014.

That same year, the organization proposed to Play and Drive the development of a propulsion system 100% electric for a motorcycle equivalent to a moto3, aiming to ensure that the technological development of a motorcycle by students could be viable and interesting from the point of view of competition, and anticipating the future of sustainable mobility 2 wheels.

We carried out the prototype and presented it at the event Motostudent 2014. It was a success and universities immediately showed great interest, which further motivated the organization to go ahead with this new category in 2016, which will be complementary to the combustion category. More than 15 universities in the electric mode and more than 30 universities in the combustion mode were registered in June 2015.
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