Play and Drive Technology for everybody!!!

Guillaume Meura Electric kart Biplaza Adveo

Play and Drive Technology applies the last racing development to ludic electric Karts for the company Adveo, spanish manufacturer leader in 100% electric Karts renting since more than 15 years ago.

In this case, it is a simplified propulsion system, to save costs but keeping the best current technologies: permanent magnet motors, last generation controller, high energy density lithium battery pack, temperature controls, ….

The performances are remarkable on its segment, with a power up to 15 hp, and a 60 km/h speed.

You can choose between 3 different power maps depending on each driver’s skills. Charging time is other key point, with 8 min discharge / 8 min recharge ratio. With the high autonomy, it allows to race up to 24 minutes with the standard power map.

But the most remarkable issue is its high peak torque, that brings to this two-seater kart that two pilots, each one with his steer, launch and slipper by their own, in order to enjoy this noiseless kart with friends or family, breathing healthy fresh air


Guillaume Meura Electric kart Biplaza Adveo